What about Extra Virgin Olive Oil Shelf-life?

What about Extra Virgin Olive Oil Shelf-life?

How long can EVOO be stored?

According to the official regulation of the European Union as well as the relevant regulations of the United States, EVOO’s shelf life is 18 months.

Still, as EVOO qualitative characteristics depend on many different factors – from the cultivation on the grove, the production phase to the following exposure to temperature, light, and oxygen – the actual limit for its quality to degrade might be significantly different.

In optimal storage conditions at home, extra virgin olive oil will maintain its high quality for as long as two years. Consumers can tell when the olive oil is no longer extra virgin as they will begin to taste one of the main defects – rancidity, fustiness, winey-vinegariness and/or mustiness.

MONOGRAM Team suggests you:

1). Do not buy bulk quantities of oil.

2). Always buy small packages of 250 or 500ml.

3). EVOO thrives in the dark. More specifically, EVOO’s healthy properties are easily preserved in the dark and can still fully express themselves in terms of flavor and health benefits even after prolonged storage. So always store your bottles in their unique packaging. At MONOGRAM, we use the most proper and safe way to store EVOO, with box containers!! Completely eco-friendly and 100% Non-transparent

4.) Always buy the new harvest EVOO.

5). The optimal temperature range for EVOO storage at home is between 14 ºC and 16 ºC. Such a range contributes to longer durability. Still, many of its qualities will be safe even if temperatures fall significantly out of that range.

Wishing you a tasteful journey with the MONOGRAM olive oil collection