Scientists & Artisans

The Monogram Team

Scientists & Artisans

Anastasis Magganas

Olive Oil Producer

Anastasis Magganas is the owner of Monogram.
He has a wide theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the field of olive cultivation and production.
His studies as a mathematician, in combination with his love for nature, led him focus his professional career in the field of olive oil production and trading.
Dr. Joanna Maggana

Marketing & Press

Dr Ioanna Maggana, co-owner of Monogram, currently lives in Switzerland.
As a dermatologist with deep knowledge in the importance of the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capacity of Extra Virgin Olive Oil supports her family-owned business in Greek traditional gourmet products.
Dr. Vassiliki Skiada

Quality Manager

Dr. Vassiliki Skiada is a senior food chemist with an extensive professional as well as scientific background in olive oil chemistry and quality. She has been working for more than a decate as a Chemist Supervisor in olive oil quality laboratories.
She is also certified as Panel Leader and has participated in olive oil competitions as a member in the panel judging boards. She is responsible for the premium quality and sensory characteristics of Monogram.
Manos Vournelis

Product Manager

Manos Vournelis is a process engineer.
He has been working for more than two decates in different multinational environmental corporations.
Manos is responsible for the stick procedures aiming at minimization of potential hazards to the environment during production as well as for the ecofriendly packaging of MONOGRAM.