Olive oil in cocktails, huh?

Olive oil in cocktails, huh?

Did you know that Extra Virgin olive oil will add a ton of smooth flavor and cut through the “bite” of alcohol? Bartenders swear by it.

Take the ‘Torali Martini’ by Leo Enriquez, Food & Beverage Manager, at The Ritz-Carlton, in Chicago, IL.

Just add the following ingredients

1 ½ oz. Plymouth Gin,

1 ½ oz. Dry vermouth,

1 tsp. Monogram Extra virgin olive oil (Ideally our MONOGRAM “Mild flavor” EVOO) and

a couple of MONOGRAM’s Kalamata olives for garnish.

And remember to stir not shake, to avoid chilling it down too much, and preserve the drink’s subtle flavors.

Cheers and have an unforgettable summer!!