Filtered olive oil is the only choice!!

Filtered olive oil is the only choice!!

Olive oil filtration is an important stage of olive oil production, as it helps to remove any solid microparticles and moisture, increasing the oil’s shelf life and preserving all of its qualitative and organoleptic characteristics (positive fruity flavors).

A bottle of unfiltered olive oil is a rancid oil with unwanted attributes trapped inside, as well as it is more prone to heat and light. The only way to buy unfiltered olive oil is in order to be consumed immediately or within a couple of a few weeks( no more than 2).

As far as the content of polyphenols, the difference between filtered and unfiltered olive oil is negligible. After all, the polyphenol content in olive oil mostly corresponds to the variety and origin of olives and proper processing at the mill, rather than the filtration process.

In any case, choosing a filtered extra virgin olive oil is definitely the best choice!! However, the type of filtration is a very important issue, which will be explained in another session of our “Olive oil Science”

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