Something new is coming soon… Brand New

Something new is coming soon… Brand New “Monogram Premium Organic -Comfort edition”

We are all set for the launch of our brand new Monogram Premium Organic –Comfort edition EVOO and we couldn’t be happier!

Made from two exceptional indigenous Greek cultivars, our Athinolia olives from Monemvasia, and our Koroneiki olives from Kalamata southwestern Peloponnese, this is an exceptional blend that can complement the most diverse dishes.

Gifted with a brilliant vivid gold green colour , a velvet texture and a sharp robust fruity flavor. On the nose, the smell opens with strong fresh almond and green leaf aromas. In the mouth, bitter and spicy sensations coexist in perfect harmony, offering a rich mouthfeel

We love our brand new Monogram Premium Organic Comfort edition EVOO, or we wouldn’t have been working so hard these past months to make it.  It’s an all-purpose, healthy oil, with which we ourselves enjoy preparing our meals. But don’t take our word for it. Try it yourselves. Easy to pair with the most diverse dishes, it will become your favorite pantry staple.

Enjoy it with fish, poultry, white meat, fresh salads and sauteed vegetables, pasta dishes, pizza, or even ice cream. Monogram’s Extra Virgin Olive oil Blend will soon be available in a convenient 500ml bottle.