Calling all sweet tooth enthusiasts…MONOGRAM

Calling all sweet tooth enthusiasts…MONOGRAM’s MONOVARIETAL “Maroneia”

Is it healthier to make your own sweets? Definitely. The stuff you can conveniently pick up at a store, especially the long-lasting, supermarket variety, is typically overloaded with sugar and other additives.

Making your own sweets gives you greater control of what goes in them. And one of the great secret ingredients for desserts is MONOGRAM Extra virgin olive oil. It adds a nuanced flavor to your homemade treats, keeps cakes moist, and adds a fabulous crunchy texture to crumbles or phyllo-covered pastries.

With a prevailing aroma of daisy and chamomile and a sweet and smooth finish, Monogram’s Maroneia is the perfect Extra virgin olive oil for all sweet tooth enthusiasts.